So,here's what I'll be making next.My newest game will be called Five Nights at Tim's.It takes place at a 1999 location called.

Tim's Tacos.They will be:

-Tim The Lizard -Bill the Bull -Jack the Jackolope -Ranter The Rooster -Kate the Coyote -Cameran The Cactus waiter It will have a Mexican Wild West theme to it-and will have a total of 3 games in the series.It will also have a hidden lore like Five Nights at Frisky's.Feel free to give me ideas and get ready for it's realease!Also-the animatronics will have there own page now.I will create the first page with links to the upcoming other pages.It will be realeased around lunchtime on Friday,November 20th,2015.

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