Nice to see you again. It's about time I create another one of my many news blogs. Now, first off, sorry for my lack of Five Nights at Frisky's Five Characters. During my vacation, I was too busy doing things to draw out and plan any new characters. Now, I'm trying to get myself back into the art and typing mood. I have perseverance in myself, and will continue with the page. If I can, I may add a brand new animatronic every day or two. This too will help the game to get finished faster. I feel like the game should have been finished about a week or two ago, and I think I just prolonged it because I was too lazy. For that, I'm very sorry. So, aside from that, back to the reason you clicked or tapped on this blog.

As you've heard in the blog's heading, I'm going to be releasing two new Creepypasta Stories in the upcoming future! So, if it wasn't obvious already, "Frycat" is getting a sequel. It will be about a true or false tale, which takes place during Five Nights at Frisky's Five. The other story, "Starry Night," will be about Candy Crush Dude's fangame, One Week at Star's! I have quite a few good ideas planned for it, so I hope it's enjoyable! Now, I can't give you any specific release dates for these, but I can say within three months. Well, hey! They need to be good, right?

Well guys, that's all for now. Thanks for supporting me, and for being patient, too! You guys are amazing. Anyways, so long!

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