Balloon Boy


Release Date PREDICTIONS for Future Games of Mine

Note: These are predictions, so don't be 100% sure that they're fully accurate or not.

Tell me which one you're most hyped for below! If you aren't hyped for any of them-well-what are you still doing here?

Large Projects

  • Brother Location - October 31st, 2016
  • Five Nights at Frisky's: Remastered - December 10th, 2016
  • Regret it or Not - September 30th, 2017

Smaller Projects

  • Frycat: Remastered(MAYBE) - February 11th, 2017
  • Contributor City - March 4th, 2017
  • Not to be announced yet - April 1st, 2017
  • Frycat 2 - May 29th, 2017

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