Before reading the further analysis, watch the trailer!

So, I am typing this wile aboard the hype train, so I suppose you guys watched my type this. Anyways, let's dig in!

1.Bonnie Puppet on Funtime Freddy

Look at Funtime Freddy's left hand. There's a Bonnie puppet, and it's blue! Like Bonnie from FNaF World! This may be BibyBab(more info below).
Bonnie puppet

2.JJ in SL?

In this picture, we see two doll-things; Idk and Idk. Possibly, one of them could be Ennard. Anyways, the one hanging in the top left corner looks like a bald Baloon Boy. However, look at its colors. They look like JJ's. Now, if Fu time Foxy was shipped to the FNaF 2 location, what if JJ was also?
? And ?



Now, this could be through the eyes of animatronics, but I don't think so. You seem to be in many places, and move like your face is slipping on ice in the form of air. Free Roam?

4. Government Base

You heard me. This may sound far fetched, however, let's see if what I'm saying really is far fetched:

  • Underground
  • Advanced Tech
  • Flashing Lights

It may be, probably not. I did also think it could be an underground warehouse, idk.


  • Bunny Puppet=BibbyBab: BibyBab the Bunny. Sounds normal, right?
  • Ballerina=Minerina: Minerina and Ballerina have the same ending sound.

6.Shifting Heads

The head's movements are...weird. I think it might be just an extra feature, but it still might freak out some kids.

That's all for now! I might add more soon.

UPDATE:Forgot Ballora! XD I think she's the ballerina, and MINerina is the JJ looking thing. He/she is small, ya know?

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