Welcome to another problem. I mean error! I MEAN ISSUE!

Get it? I know, I really should stop asking Fruan to makes jokes and puns for SpringThing Weekly. Anyways, onto the typing.

5;U2 MIGHT Get Cancelled

While I can't confirm this, it may happen. You see, I feel like I am truly milking the series, but haven't really thought of until June-August. The events of it WILL still be canon of cancelled, but the game part won't exist. But don't get your hopes down, as it may still be coming. However, it will be a while. Brother Location, Fush's Waterpark, Contributor City, and Regret it or Not may come before it. So...expect 5;U2 in 2017 if not cancelled.

Contributor City-UPDATE

So...first off, you are now able to recommend jobs. I might add them, and you can be in the game depending on your personality. Next, he game should release before or after Regret it or Not, which iitself after Brother Location. So...expect a winter or Spring release date.

Brother Location-UPDATE

Okay, so...I'm planning to release the game after Five Nights at Frisky's 6 is done, so probably around October or November. Heck, maybe even September or December. I don't really know which of the 4 months. Now...teaser time.

Thanks for reading! See you soon.

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