Phew, well, I got some typing to do! A lot of it!

So, today, I want to talk about FNAF:FC 6 and the 5,U2. First off, you can try and figure out what 5,U2 is, but I won't tell you if you're right. It's a secret!

Anyways, I won't be as active for a week, starting Monday. I'll have wifi in the evening, but not during the main part of the day. However, this gives me time to work on FNAF:FC 6 and 5,U2 teasers and pictures(I don't need wifi for that)!

I also will be taking a short break from FNAF:FC 6. No worries, mostly just the weekend. So....5,U2?

First off, it isn't Five Nights at Frisky's 7. It's not another game. Instead, it's more of a massive update to something, and will reveal tons of things. In the future teasers, you'll find out more about it.

Well...that's all for now. bOi!

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