Okay, her new actually have issue 5. Slight numbering mistake occurred last time :/

Which Way?

Basically, I decided it's time I don't just draw animatronics using PicsArt(a.k.a the app every single Five Nights at Frisky's character was drawn in). What I mean is...should I attempt drawing the humans in Five Nights at Frisky's 6? Because the minigames in it aren't the old fashioned arcade-style mini games. No, these are intended to be 3D cutscenes and mini games. What would you rather have?

Which style?

The poll was created at 02:24 on July 8, 2016, and so far 4 people voted.

Want your OC Featured in the Upcoming "Jessi's Life" Mini-Series?+More info

Well? Do you? Basically, your character will be a friend of Jessi in school. They will visit his house, maybe get in a few fights, get annoyed by Jessi's 43 siblings, you know, the basics. Just tell me below!

Now, for more info:

The series will be realesed in Early August-October. It will be a series of "episodes" discussing Jessi and his childhood. This was thought of by me, but I never really considered creating it until my good friend The Non-Zomboss insisted I creat a roleplay story, and when he recommended it, I decided to bring it to life! So...yeah! If you want to see all of his siblings, read the one article here:User blog:SpringThing14/SpringThing Weekly-Issue 5 (Yes, that is the issue number mistake XD)

5,U2 is, in fact, Five Night at Frisky's 5:Update 2

Yes! Shawdoyboy192 was right! This will be a new, canon update. In 2020, something new was changing Frisky's! It was even more modern technology! And what'd didn't we need? That old technology from new Frisky! Why not make a 2.0 that's glass and lights up all over the place? And knows more? And can talk to kids? Well, that's what all this is about! New Frisky is angry! How is he, though? He's a scrapped robot! Hmm....tricky.

This update will be survival of the angry! However, some old 1989 friends will be coming in. Some from another you haven't seen...

You will be surviving in a house in Arizona, as an 11 year-old boy named Morris. You were lost...abandoned by your family....and this is the only place where you won't feel the scorching day's heat! Or have crows peck at your dry, dehydrated body. But it doesn't matter, as you will most likely face death anyway.

There's still some electricity left in this old solar-powered home...all you need to do is look for a phone to call someone. If there isn't one, you'll have to keep looking. Sadly, you're wasting your time in that ending spoilers. This will be made after FNAF:FC 6.

Get hyped!

That's all for this week's issue. Hope you enjoyed!

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