Welcome to this week's issue! Here, have a bagel.

Jessi's Life-Episode List

The list for the episodes of the new spin-off series "Jessi's Life"! As mentioned, these will release around Fall. More info in the past two issues. If you guys like it, a season two will be made(hopefully)! Anyways, here we are!

Episode List:

1.Subs, Subs, and and More Subs- Dessi reaches 68 million subscribers, and needs help from Jessi to make a YouTube special for it. But at the same time, things get in their way.

2.Secret Chef- While Lears is at a cooking contest in Europe, Jessi volunteers to cook the family's next three dinners. But when he finds out how challenging it is, he invites his friend Polly over to help cook, but must keep it a secret from his family.

3.Dem Teeth Dough- Jessi and Haley go on a boat ride to look around a seaweed forest, until when they dive inside, they end up encountering, and almost becoming lunch to, a shark. It is up to them to safely navigate out of the beast's way.

4.Venison Speculation- Mostly everybody in Jessi's grade speculates that he likes Deedo the deer, and it is up to him and Dylan to prove it's false.

5.More than a Scam- Jessi and Renaldi order Jlynn some new hockey equipment on Craigslist, until they realize that it is more than just a fooling scam. Perhaps, something deeper-and darker.

6.Cat Comedy- Since Fruan was very sick, she asked Jessi to cover for her for the next three nights. After struggling, he decides to make jokes about cats like Frisco, his brother Frisky, Star, Kate, and others. This, however, changes the peoples' view on them. This is a reference the SpongeBob episode "Squirrel Jokes".

7.Take me; NO ME- Jessi wins a free dinner to SkyDine, a flying restaurant, and can pick one guest. He must choose between Polly, Fush, Renaldi, Frisco, and some of his other friends in school.

8.Campfire Crisis- Jessi and his family are going on a camping trip. When they're their, a group of three 5 and 6 year-olds catch Jessi, and take him to "jail" which is actually the kids' camper. The parents are totally okay with this, and Jessi must find a way to escape.

9.Sleepover Sicko- Jessi has a sleepover at Frisco's house, until at about midnight, a stranger tries to break in, and possibly murder the two. Frisco and Jessi decide to be stupid, and fight the stranger back as opposed to calling the cops.

10.Beauty Doesn't Keep- (Recommended by the Non-Zomboss) Jessi starts dating a girl in school, and she dates him. However, his girlfriend eventually moves away, leaving Jessi in a sorrow mood.

11.Lunch Hacks- A student at Jessi's school has hacked all the lunch money accounts, and deleted everyone's amount of money, that way, they'd have zero. Frisco and Jessi decide to investigate for who did it.

12.Left or Right- Frisco, Jessi, Polly, and Bonnie sneak out to see a movie at 11 PM. However, when they leave the theater, they realize they're lost. It is up to them to get back, before everyone wakes up to notice.

At this time, episode one is complete, and episode two is in the works.


Yep! It's real! And it's actually 5;U2! Zomboss found the hidden message on the teaser! I thought that I'd just confirm it.

My Thoughts on the New Teaser

So, after looking at this, I forgot how to sleep. Not because they were creepy(they're actually slightly slightly cute), but because I thought about this:If these things are like BB, that's the pesky fat kid x7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Shadowboy, can you shoot me with a brick cannon please?

That aside, I'm speculating that Baby may control these things. I think they may work together to get you. That, or they help Baby. Either way, I think I'll bring a gun.

New Models for New Fush and Feena

Since these Five Nights at Frisky's 5 models didn't look very good, they're going to be changed up.

Feena, who is already done, looks more feminine. She will no longer face the, "OMG SHE DOESNT EVEN LOOK LIKE A GIRL OMG!" complaint.

The new model for New Fush will make him look a bit better. However, he won't have the same old Ice Bear eyes.

I hope you're okay with this. ;)

Five Nights at Frisky's 2 is Going to be Recycled

Yes, Zomboss, that's what the random letters in the comments meant. The FNAF:FC game you most likely never payed that much attention too is getting changed.

You see, the reason I am going to change it is because it's way too similar to FNAF 2. It's like a copy with different animatronics and a different setting. However, I'm going to remake the page into something...better. No spoilers....yet. ;)

That's all for now! Remember to touch a wall, take out the lunchbox, and feed your kitchen sink when your mom tells you to. Anyways, bye!

Did you even lay a hand on that bagel?

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