Welcome to this week's issue of SpringThing Weekly! Sorry about my inactivity lately. I was unable to access the wifi for two days. I'll hopefully be good now. Also, sorry if I didn't get a chance to write the last two SpringThing Weekly Issues that were supposed to happen. Anyways, on to the news! I would give you a bagel, but you never at the last one. Admit it.

Jessi's Life Update

So, if your wondering how Jessi's Life is going, it's doing pretty good. I finished episode two, and am currently working on episode three. Other than that, not too much. Also, I may slightly edit the plot for some of the episodes. E main plot will stay the same, but some stuff may change.

The Sketches I've Been a Working On

You:OMG! Spring is about to reveal what the game they are for is! OMG OMG!!! Spring:Not yet. I will reveal my plan for this game at the end of August. I plan to release it in November, or whenever 5;U2 is done. Maybe even before that, since even though it isn't 7 nights(the reason it's just an update), it has a few endings and will take a while to complete. It will be good, though.

Frycat 2 Update

I haven't started it yet. So sad. :|

I Want Some Ideas

So...after 5;U2 and that other game are finished, I want to have a new game idea...a new "Tim's"(name for now), what else do ypu think would be a good game for me to make? Tell me down below.

Weekly Brain Teaser

This will be a new thing I'll do on SpringThing Weekly. Whoever can solve the brain teaser correctly first wins one free fan-art! Can you solve this one?

Alex, who was 27, rode his bike to the his local mall's Walmart. He purchased 5 things; 4 of the items being a movie, toothbrush, hat, and watch. What was the fifth thing that he purchased?

That's all for now!


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