Okay...lets see. This is a blog post-what do I do? Oh yeah, you clicked on this, and now I need to type words for you to scam over and barley even read(because a lot of you probably do that). Well, I guess I'll start typing w0rDz.

R.I.R.P Jessi's Life Fall Release Date

Looks like "Jessi's Life" will take longer than I thought...

Sadly, Jessi's life will now have a much later than fall release date. Possibly even a little under a year from now. The thing is, it is going to take a while. Each episode actually can take 1-3 hours to complete. While it may not seem like that much, it kind of is when you think about the fact that I have a life, and that this isn't a job. Sometimes, my brain is not at all in the mood to write for some reason.

So...I hope you all understand. Don't worry, this will be good!

P.S-Don't worry about cringe, as this will just be a normal spin-off story.

Fush's Waterpark

After FazbearFreak said that "Fush's Waterpark" would be a good idea for a game, I actually took in consideration, and thought, "Why not?" While not giving the plot(which I haven't even made yet), I will tell when it takes place.

It takes place in July of 2017, and it is up to you to decide if it's canon or not. It's your imagining of the FNAF:FC universe, and it's up to you. It should come out very soon, as it won't take THAT long to make. Hope you'll enjoy it :)

Five Nights at Freddy's:Brother Location-Teaser of Text

Note:I am not stupid, I do know that the term "sister" can be used to describe another location owned by the same company. I just thought I'd play around with the text.

This is a really big game I'm planning. Probably the most on my mind out of everything I'm planning to make. I won't reveal anything super important, but I will do a teaser of text:

60th Anniversary in a couple of years.

I have an idea.

One special idea.

I'm going to make it come true.

Not really anything else, other than that.

Thanks for reading! Or scamming, since you probably did that. See your next time!


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