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New Animatronics

1.Jack-o-Bonnie Jack O Bonnie Replaces Nightmare Bonnie in FNAF 4 Halloween edition.He is somewhat hollow like a Jack-o-lantern. 2.Jack-O-Chica Jack-O-Chica is like Jack-O-Bonnie,as she is hollow.She replaces Chica,and has a pumpkin instead of a cupcake. 3.Nightmare BB He replaces PlushTrap.This means there's a game called "Fun with BB".He has a more mature laugh. 4.Nightmare Mangle Nightmare Mangle replaces Nightmare Foxy.She appears in the closet. 5.Nightmarionnette He replaces Nightmare.He can attack from everywhere.Also,your game will restat if he kills you.


FNAF World

The Trailer is out!

FNAF World Teaser Trailer-101:30

FNAF World Teaser Trailer-1

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