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 Hello my friends, i am new to this wiki but i wanted to do this for a while as i have been looking over these animatronics and games and thought to myself: why not make a tournament of animatronic teams and see who would win: 

to enter the tournament, a user of this wiki will need to make a team

the team must consist of 4 animatronics: a captain, a 2nd in command, a brawler(meaning a animatronic that loves to fight) and a monster( meaning a extremely scary and dangerous animatronic)

the team can also have a very cool name 

any one can join, just don't steal anyones name or animatronic

i will also be adding a team: THE FREAKSHOW: consisting of the captain springtrap, the second in command my oc vladmir the bat, the brawler another of my oc's grimir the wolf and my monster the watcher.

i look forward to seeing who will join the tournament, so have fun

P.S. to join, write teams in the description, i will write the matchups and then you guys will do a roleplay in the comments

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