• StraightSavage

    (This is a joke btw)

    Recently I've seen something catch my eye on this wiki and it was of course the man the legend the straight motherf*cking savage, know as Jakubillus manjorian crickety ssnippet Fedorias Feidor the 3rd also known simply as Jakub Feidor, well this user Jekub Sarto- I mean Feidor came on this wiki seeking out The non-zomboss, telling him to make a comic about killing himself, clearly satirical I mean these two know each other in real life it's just a bit of friendly banter, you know I tell my friends to kill themselves all the time and they do the same back it's a sort of mutual respect between two complete cu---, and now let me explain why I legitamately believe that Our protagonist Jakub Feidor is the victim here.

    The nex…

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