(This is a joke btw)

Recently I've seen something catch my eye on this wiki and it was of course the man the legend the straight motherf*cking savage, know as Jakubillus manjorian crickety ssnippet Fedorias Feidor the 3rd also known simply as Jakub Feidor, well this user Jekub Sarto- I mean Feidor came on this wiki seeking out The non-zomboss, telling him to make a comic about killing himself, clearly satirical I mean these two know each other in real life it's just a bit of friendly banter, you know I tell my friends to kill themselves all the time and they do the same back it's a sort of mutual respect between two complete cu---, and now let me explain why I legitamately believe that Our protagonist Jakub Feidor is the victim here.

The next time our hero brushes with evil is in this thread: where you can clearly see that the non-zombies says he thought they were friends but he didn't say that in the first thread NOPE instead he neglected his existence, now people tried to stick up for the nonzomboss cause you know, 9 year old club no above 9 year old allowed lol xD randumb, when really they were being inconsiderate kiss asses to the nonzomboss cause he likes fnaf I don't- I don't f*cking know when really Jakub is the victim of bullying. But we'll talk about that in part 2.

I hope you enjoyed have of this semi jokey semi serious post coming straight from the I take anti-depressants every hour productions.

Thanks for reading.

(Freezy Note: If you continue uncensored swearing, you may enjoy a ban. I enjoyed the whole positive vibe, but I still would like to warn you)

(Feel free to swear as much as you want in the chatroom. However, on pages, as some young adults decide to take the risk of reading a Wikia page, refrain for using extreme language. The occasional ass, or piss, is okay. You may wanna ad personal blog)

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