Balloon Boy


7 Deadly Sins Animatronics Competition

D'oh User.

A simple competition of your own 7 Deadly Sins animatronics. You can reuse your own, or make new ones to represent that. Comment below, please.


TheVinnyLord & Aktan

Spam - Greed

Phobe - Envy

Qeety - Pride

Endoman - Wrath

Swan - Gluttony

Gnaw - Sloth

somepixythingwewillmakelator - Lust


The Lynx - Lust

Freezer - Pride

Sophia - Sloth

Rory - Wrath

Percy - Gluttony

Bianca - Envy

Selena - Greed


Golden Holly - Wrath

Icy - Lust

Sammy - Greed

Strawberry - Gluttony

Harry - Pride

Howl - Sloth

Max - Envy


Mittens - Lust

Yang - Wrath

Tin - Pride

Krieg - Envy

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