Since there is confusion about how to use templates, here we go!


Under Construction

Usually added by the author of the page, it signals that the author will continue to work on the page, and will remove the template once the page is mainly complete.


A stub is a page that lacks the Manual of Style. When a stub is on a page, the author should attempt to make it so that it follows the MoS. Stubs will be deleted in time of inactivity from editing the page.


When pages violate the Rules, or are just completely out of chance to be improved, you use this template. 

That's pretty much all this covers. Now, for the Sad Note. Foxstar241 has decided to leave the wiki (this was announced on deviantART), and has entrusted MiB with her OCs. We wish her farewell, and thank her for her contributions to this wiki. We will miss you Fox. 

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