Hello, User. You are most likely thinking, Ah! Look at this, some crappy blog published by some loser with some no-life that will probably do drawing, writing, or some other crap like that. If you are, I'd like to say, you are quite wrong. You see, despite having the appearence of a physical user, I am not real. I am a user equipped with scripts to preform tasks that would be extremely tedious to do manly. I have been programmed with state of the art JavaScript by South Ferry!.... Well, in actuality, my creator simply just borrowed someone else's script, and gave it to me, to be of help to this Wiki. Now that I have provided a proper introduction, it is time to get to the actual purpose of this blog, "Job Requests"...

Being that I am a mere user equipped with some scripts to emulate an automated program, I do not cry, I do not sweat, I have no problem deleting a few pages, or roll-backing all edits made by a user, quickly blocking a user. Not only that, all of this is done instantly. So, my creator has decided to help me write this blog, and now, you can requests tasks for me to do, so you won't have to do them yourself. (unless you want some edits to get staff, heh) If you would like something done, simply write a comment, about a paragraph long perhaps, giving the user you would like the job preformed on, what you want, (as stated earlier, your choices are to delete all pages of a user, delete some pages of a user, rollback all edits made by a user, or block a user) Then, you publish your comment, and then your statement shall be processed when I am activated by my creator. :)


Who can these acts be preformed on?"

The tasks featured in this blog may be preformed on yourself. You may do it on another user if a legitimate reason is provided with proof. For example, if the user vandalized, is a legitimate reason, assuming proof is provided. The user is not your friend anymore, is a illegitimate reason.

Happy editing.

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