Balloon Boy

The Non-Zomboss

aka Tringstap

  • I live in Fazbea-Oh yeah, that placed burned down. My mothers basement.
  • I was born on January 19
  • My occupation is Exotic Butters
  • I am All three of them (Male, Female, Animatronic.)
  • The Non-Zomboss

    I'm doing this again, since my art style has become more detailed, and school is coming to an end soon, so I have more time on my hands. I will be only be able to do realistic drawings, as my pixel art app isn't working too well. Anyway, leave a comment of your OC with a picture or description and I'll draw it!

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  • The Non-Zomboss


    March 7, 2017 by The Non-Zomboss

    I've been on this wiki for almost a year, and it would appear that I am a true FNaF fan... but there is something I truly hate to admit. I decided people would find out sooner or later, so I'm confessing now that...

    I have never played a single FNaF game.

    Sue me.

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  • The Non-Zomboss

    This is like the Meme Center, but as well as displaying memes, you can also put memes up for adoption, for someone else to buy.

    Disclaimer: This is only for Meme Templates

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  • The Non-Zomboss

    Okay, so yesterday was my one year anniversary of being here! And for it, I'm doing something special. A new project. I will give details later.

    Also, wish me a happy birthday, because I forgot to make a blog about it when I actually had my birthday. Which was last month. The nineteenth. I'm a bit late on that, aren't I?

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  • The Non-Zomboss

    TNZ Rant

    February 21, 2017 by The Non-Zomboss

    Well... I never thought I would be making a rant about myself, but here goes.

    Omg can you believe this idiot TNZ he is stupid because first of all, pvz is fake and gay and he might as well rename himself fake and gay123 and he hates Fazbear Freak who is the BEST UUSR EVR because he plays mine craft so tnz is saying that tnz doesn't like mine craft. Evy1 likes craftmine, I mean cuckmilk oops I forgot how to spel it anyway he also makes the worst games he also copied some other user's games like this guy who made a game called Seven Nights at Fluffy's TNZ coppeed it just check the page. and also TNZ just cancelled the remake of the game that he liked but no one else liked in fact no 1 likes TNZ I say he should burn in hell along with mr frisk…

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