Balloon Boy


Five nights at Fluffys 2

Dont be scared. Its only me. Remember? Your best friend. I was... your entire life, and you dont even reconize me? Well, then, me and my little friend will come and have fun with you.


-Your best friend, Black Cat

Yes, indeed, they are. We are.


No, i hate them

-Black Cat

Dont talk to my friend like that, Spring. I will find you


Im filled with a terrible greif, but atleast we have each other

-Black Cat

1 down, 3 to go

Everything resets, now. Ive made a monster.


Did you think it would be easy? 2 more.


Time never stops, so we'll have enough time to kill our next victim

-Black Cat

Well, its just you and me.

-Dark and Black Cat

Conection lost.

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