Anyway, unless you've been living under a rock, which I bet most of you are, I did an pixel art requesting blog. My spriting was horrible back then, and I never got around to do most requests. But I have more time on my hands, and my spriting has improved. But I do have just a few rules.

  • Under no circumstances, may you request more than two a week. I have time on my hands, but if you order more than two a week, I'm not going to have time.
  • Yes I can animate these, but two things. The animation on the app I use is limited, only 8 frames unless you do a $10 in app purchase, which I'm not going to do, so animation is going to be stuff like blood seeping out slowly, or slight budging. I'm not going to do full out movies. And the second thing is only one of the two animations you can request a week can be animated.

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