Okay, a few days ago, I had a really weird (and disturbing) FNAF related dream. I really can't get it out of my head now D:

The dream started off with me on my bed, playing FNAF 2 on my iPad. I was playing Golden Freddy mode, and I kept saying to myself "I will beat this mode". Eventually, I was jumpscared by Toy Chica, so I muttered to myself "I can beat the other presets, so why can I not beat this one?" I looked away from my iPad and looked to my left. Toy Chica was SITTING right next to me! I was horrified. The door to my bedroom flung open as Foxy stood there, saying "PARTY TIME LALLALLALA" over and over again. Then, Freddy and Chica from FNAF 1 rushed in and yelled "YAY!" and then, they started dancing. Bonnie from FNAF 1 walked in and looked under my bed. He then started playing with some of the toys that I used to play with when I was a young child. Springtrap came in and started dancing while yelling "I WON THE LOTTERY!!!!". The Puppet came in and started dancing like a crazy fool. I ran out of my bedroom and rushed into the bathroom. "That was a close one!" I said. I then looked around the bathroom, and I saw Golden Freddy sitting on the toilet! He said "Sittin' on the toilet, sittin' on the toilet, Sittin' on the toilet" over and over again. I went back into my bedroom, and hid under my bedsheets. Toy Chica rolled in with me, and she took off her beak and tried putting it on me. Out of nowhere, Toy Bonnie appeared on my right. They forced me to dance with them, and dancing with them was actually pretty fun. (Still in the dream) The very next day, at school, I saw that everyone had been invaded with animatronics, too. The animatronics danced on the tables and stuff, so we were all sent home due to the animatronics being so naughty.

Then (in real life), I woke up (thank god for that!).

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