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    You can ask anything.

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  • Tina.g.sherwin

    And Nutshack! (Yi Yi)

    And Nutshack! (What can I say?)

    And Nutshack! (Oh so! Yeeeah)

    And Nutshack! (Oh Nutshack I)

    And Nutshack! ( "What do you say hell of the children?")

    And Nutshack! (Do Nutshack)

    And Nutshack! (Do Nutshack)

    And Nutshack! (Do ... Nutshack)

    And Nutshack! (Oh)

    And Nutshack! (Frustum "nuts)

    And Nutshack! (Whoooo)

    And Nutshack!


    Phil, the stone of the pavement was Mark;

    Horatio or beer to Herat!

    Titus with me also has a "Dieckmann" Oh!

    He hates and loves the ladies Phil.

    Jack the cold the sluggard upon an ass, was not known.

    Sweetest number is still a virgin.

    Chita known weekah en unspeakable!

    Likewise it is to watch your lady Phil Jack,

    But this is not happening?

    Shakin, as a cloud, and of the possession of the sons of

    That move and breathe…

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  • Tina.g.sherwin

    I'm not a very big theorist but it makes sense that we play as Mike from the first game due to the fact that his name is on the keypad. Also according to Scott on a steam post the scooper would knock out some of your flesh leaving room for an animatronic to crawl in knocking out the rest It can't be Afton due to the fact that you can see some human flesh still left inside Springtrap's body in the many holes around his body.

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  • Tina.g.sherwin


    November 9, 2016 by Tina.g.sherwin
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