Here's a thing I'll do now, Everything Wrong With! Everything wrong with what? Pages on this wiki, ofcourse!

Request pages to do.

NOTE: none of these are supposed to be rude comments, don't feel offended if I do your page.

EP. 1 : Everything Wrong With Withered Shadow Nightmare Golden Toy Phantom Springtrap

The fact that this exists. *ding* Extremely long title. *ding*

No image. *ding*

Noone knows! That's worth 3 sins for the three NOONE KNOWS! *ding ding ding*

Purple Guy has not been confirmed to be purple in real life. *ding*

Reading. *ding*

Demon-Fusing Ritual, from a kid's company. *ding*

This trivia section. *ding*

This heading is lacking: "Purple *ding*, Plush *ding*, Spring *ding*, Freddy *ding*"


SENTENCE: OP as F**k. (more op than tonic)

EP. 2 : Everything Wrong With Five Nights - Back to Freddy's

Fisharts. *ding*

Multiple stories, Five Nights at Freddy's? This isn't gonna go well. *ding*

Nice image though. *gnid*

Deaddy, what kind of name is that?! *ding*

A crowbar, what about the tampering device or knife? *ding*

Unfinished. *ding*



EP. 3 : Everything Wrong With Evil Freddy

The fact that this is my page. *ding*

Blender Render. *ding*

Purple Guy knows how to construct animatronics. *ding*

and code them for bidding. *ding*

"His hands can turn into murderous weapons, like buzzsaws, knives and axes." That's overpowered. *ding*

In this universe, Golden Freddy is a good guy, there's an issue here. *ding*

Evil Freddy Style. *ding*

Mugshots are weird. *ding*

The page lacks an animatronic category. *ding*


SENTENCE: Evilness. (such difference to freddy)

EP. 4 : Everything Wrong With Lindsay

Atleast, I hope this is the page you requested. *ding*

I'm going to take a sin whenever I hear "whore". *ding*

Actual measurement in Five Nights at Freddy's. *ding*

Reading. *ding*

Friends with animatronics, that's odd. *ding*

"talking to what was really people inside machines" That doesn't make sense. *ding*

Hentai/Manga Writer, seriously? *ding*

...eating humans... huh... *ding*

Haha, how original! It's just their names combined! "Tinsay!" *ding*

Robot Kingdom. *ding*

Yellow Guy. *ding*

TONIC SIN: I cannot tell if you like Golden Freddy/Fredbear or not! *coin sound*

There are remakes of a human being. *ding*

She also appears as an animatronic, which stops some plotholes. No sin or take sin.

"Sounds kinky! How can I get in on it?" ...k *ding*

Gallery. *ding*

Didn't listen to the word whore at all, you made me look stupid. *ding*

TOTAL SIN TALLY: 15 (not including tonic's)

SENTENCE: Fan-flippin'-tastic! (jk this is still dumb to me)

EP. 5 : Everything Wrong With Xavier Munroe

The infamous Xavier, how's this gonna go? *ding*

Reading. *ding*

Not looking good enough. *ding*

Video Games. *ding*

No playing Video Games? Xavier had a pretty sh** life then. *ding*

Teary Hugs cliche. *ding* One-hundred and twenty dolla for facing killer robots! Fudge yeah. *ding*

Assassin, Five Nights at Freddy's, watch out everyone, Animatronic's Creed coming out. *ding*

You lack a lover? Look at Tonic, no lover, he's doin' just fine. "TONIC: Hey, this is bull shrimp!" *ding*

Xavier just got b****slapped. *ding*

Either Xavier is bias or an idiot to not notice the girls are the ones who slap'd him. *ding*

Purple Bear dating event. That was a fun time. *ding*

Intercourse. *ding*

"I love her." cliche. *ding*

Who is Xavier's father? *ding*

This page seems heavily unfinished, there is no description on who Xavier exactly is friends with, who he is or what he does. Other than backstory, ofcourse. *ding*

Xavier Munroe is the akwardest character I've ever seen, and is made by Demonic BB, a person I asked for info on how to get girls. *ding*


SENTENCE: Desperate. (#lovexavier666)

EP. 6 : Everything Wrong With Tonic ze Hedgefox

Oh no... *ding*

Yet having no fox parts, yet being a Hedgefox. *ding*

Why is this a page on a FNaF Fanon, oh. *ding*

Recolour is canon. *ding*

BUBBLY! *ding*

Tonic Logic. *ding*

Split apart fusion, fusions are canon now. *ding*

Reason is still unknown. *ding*

Plushtrap and Golden Freddy was not in Fazbear's Fright. *ding*

Roleplays are canon. *ding*

tba twice. *ding* *ding*

Crossover. *ding*

Tonic adventure was not mentioned here. *ding*

Brony was not mentioned here. *ding*

Pokemon was not mentioned here. *ding*

Minecraft was not mentioned here. *ding*


SENTENCE: Ohai dere! (wait what)

EP. 7 : Everything Wrong With Tonic adventure

NOTE: this is based off the old version, found here. Made by an enragement anon. *ding*

Stubbed for months. *ding*

Tonic is most known for being a chat moderator other than a overpowred f**k. *ding*

Knowing Tonic, he'd teleport out of the pizzeria or be friends with the animatronics. *ding*

Super Kick. *ding*

Low jump, has wings. *ding*

Only Evil Freddy? Why not Purple, Golden, Plushtrap or Phantom Tonic? *ding*

Bolt-Weed chomps. *ding*

More health than Tonic. *ding*

More jump than Tonic. *ding*

Nice inclusion of Five Nights of Crossover characters. *gnid*

Demonic BB has knives. *ding*

What does Phantom Mangle have to do with Demonic? *ding*

Higher health and jump than Tonic, again. *ding ding*

Wikia contributor is a playable character. *ding*

I'm not f**king apologizing enragement anon. *ding*

Golden Sparky. *ding*

Last time Tonic had an rp with Toy Chica, she tried to rape him. *ding*

The Pink Guy doesn't exist. *ding*

Nightmare Tonic. *ding*

I don't like Luigikid or Markiplier (maybe mark). *ding*

I went to holiday in america I guess. *ding*

How can a Shadow punch Tonic? *ding*

Tonic Logic isn't canon here. *ding*

Lack of headers. *ding*

Bad grammar. *ding*

Sh*t page. *ding*

The worst gift I have ever got in a while. *ding*




we *ding*

aniamtronics *ding*

tonic *enter* is- *ding*

Bolt weed *ding*

no spaces between commas *ding*

He playable also too. *ding*

concributor *ding*

i'm *ding*

Pink guy *ding*

More lack of spaces. *ding*


SENTENCE: Cancer. (worse than rule 34)

EP. 8 : Everything Wrong With Five Nights at Freddy's: The Toys Return

DFco company. *ding*

3015, seriously?! *ding*

Terrible headings... *ding*

and descriptions... *ding*

...and animatronics... *ding*

Phone calls are not quotes. *ding*

or even has italics. *ding*

You're lacking **s, and instead use () for roleplay attributes. *ding*

Ballon. *ding*


Took long enough. *shows picture of after fazbears fright, then 3015* *ding*

A bit odd pictures. *ding*

Terrible static. *ding*

Bad punctuation. *ding* Rip babies. *ding*

Inconsistency, you said AFTER Fazbear's Fright, and then AFTER Five Nights at Freddy's 1. *ding*

Clickin' mouths, everyone. *ding*

More bad images. *ding*

Golden Freddy looks derpy as f**k. *ding*

Even more bad images. *ding*

Remastered is still terrible. *ding*

Terrible headings. *ding*


SENTENCE: Babies-a! (lotsa spaghetti)

EP. 9 : Everything Wrong With Cronic the Hedgehog

More Sonic Recolours. *ding*

Cr's foreveryone!!!!!!!!!!!! *ding*

Crystal Core. *ding*

Starero. *ding*

Grammar. *ding*

Capitalization. *ding*

Zonic, the king of darkness, original character, do not steal. *ding*

Mini Space Ship? Where have I heard this stuff before? *ding*

Angel Island. *ding*

Oh mah, actual measurements! *ding*

Cans. *ding*

The Sword of the Thunder God? what *ding*

Super transformation without chaos emeralds. *ding*

Eight Nights at Tonic's, I'm sinning that because- *ding*

I went easy on this page. *ding*


SENTENCE: So much for being FNaF Fanon Wiki. (Five Nights of Crossover 5 confirmed with Tonic DLC)

EP. 10 : Everything Wrong With Five Nights at Freddy's

A warning you can not instantly skip or remove via option. *ding*

Static for spook-factor. *ding*

Five Nights at Freddy's? This won't be too long. *ding*

Boopy Nose. *ding*

Phone Guy and his constant UHMS. *ding*

Phone Guy contradicts himself saying it's fine and then the animatronics are not fine. *ding*

That, description, for being stuffed in a suit, disgusting... *ding*

Doors consume power for being lowered. That doesn't make sense. *ding*

How doesn't the animatronics consume more power? *ding*

Why does the light button stay on, I rather it just stay on if you held the click. *ding*

Static in Kitchen Camera making it hidden and therefore adding to the spook-factor! *ding*

Bonnie and Chica are disproportioned in the Dining Area. *ding*

Bonnie tries to be spooky before being able to be spooky. *ding*

Bonnie and Chica's moans. *ding*

Bonnie and Chica taking forever to leave. *ding*

Chica looks incredibly derpy to me. Too much pizza I guess. *ding*

Hours are not correctly timed. *ding*

Foxy could be technically impossible, I doubt any animatronic could run down a hall, even in the 90s. *ding*

Foxy doesn't get up in your face during his jumpscare. *ding*

What is Freddy laughing to, cat videos? *ding*

Freddy is very shy. *ding*

Freddy hides in the Female's Toilets! Man up Fazbear, don't be a perv! *ding*

And there ended Phone Guy. *ding*

Nights 4 and 5 are not that different from Night 3 other than a difficulty change. *ding*

Golden Freddy is the most easiest animatronic to deal with in this game. *ding*

Golden Freddy breaks the laws of physics too. *ding*

Golden Freddy has an endoskeleton, yet still being slumped down. This is later explained in FNaF3 and 4 but it's a sin here. *ding*

Mike be takin' drugs. *ding*

Bonnie Death Screens attempt to be spooky. *ding*

A Night 6? The title is misleading. *ding*

No Phone Call. *ding*

Custom Night? The title is still misleading. *ding*

Still No Phone Call. *ding*

However, I really like the Custom Night concept, and I like it's expansion in Five Nights 2. *gnid*



Bonnie's *ding*

Chica's *ding*

Foxy's *ding*

Freddy's *ding*

Freddy's seconnd one when the power isn't out. *ding*

Golden Freddy. *ding*

Hallucinations. I'm not gonna seperate them all. *ding*


SENTENCE: Dat paycheck tho. (#WORTH)

EP. 11 : Everything Wrong With Fazbear Rumble

Insta-failure in Heading. *ding*

...and lack of italics. *ding*

Fighting games via sp- wait this isn't smash. No sin.


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