Well guys, this is it, the Five Nights at Freddy's series, the series we've come so afond of, has came to an end. From Fredbear's Family Diner to Fazbear's Fright we've seen, speculated and enjoyed. From the Freddys to the Nightmares. we've all watched, studied and most of all... played with. All the animatronics, with the exclusion of some hallucinations and the phantoms, have all come together, to say one last phrase. Thank you! We're the ones who brought this franchise to life, without us, we wouldn't have gotten the last three entries into the series. Thanks to us, we wouldn't have these memorable characters, like Mangle, Springtrap, Nightmar, Toy Bonnie, The Puppet, Balloon Boy, Toy Chica! And, who made this all? Scott Cawthon, and he's the one who should be getting the thank you. Thank you, Scott Cawthon, for this amazing franchise, this horror series that has turned into a place in our heart. While the animatronics may wave, the cupcakes may stare, the Plushtrap attempt to scare and the Golden Freddy's look like how they appeared in game, these characters will never leave in our hearts.

Thank us, the fanbase, for keeping the series going for four games.

And thank you, Scott Cawthon, for making this beautiful masterpiece.

-TonicHedgefox, 2015


Here are some extra tid-bits out of the sadness!

  • With the exclusion of Mangle, the Toy Animatronics head poses are very similar on how they appeared in their Custom Night mugshot!
  • Both Golden Freddy's look lazily slapped on, as they both look like their ingame texture! FNaF1 Golden Freddy only being slightly edited.
  • FNaF1 Freddy's head appear to be similar to Cheat Mode's animatronic heads.

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