This is a pointless blog about my favorite songs. These are my opinions, as of the Friday, 31st of July, 2015.


Number #8 - Stay Calm

Stay Calm is a classic. A great song which like the song says, is calm, a stray from most of the Five Nights at Freddy's Rock songs.

Number #7 - Springtrap Finale

Springtrap Finale, a song made by Groundbreaking. This is a good song that pretty much represents Purple Guy's view of being in Fazbear's Fright and being in Springtrap. It does get repetative at points, but it's still a good song.

Number #6 - The Foxy Song

The Foxy Song is another song made by Groundbreaking which, like Springtrap Finale, tells Foxy's point of view. This song is awesome, not as awesome as the other songs however. ;)

Number #5 - Five More Nights

Five More Nights is a great Five Nights at Freddy's rap, I enjoy it alot.

Number #4 - Die in a Fire

Uhh, yeah, Living Tombstone is not first. This song is a song made by the talented Living Tombstone. This is a great song that to me, seems to be Springtrap's point of view of having Purple Guy inside of him.

Number #3 - The Purple Guy / I'm Not Here All Night

Yes, I tie these songs. Not because I believe Purple and Phone Guy are the same, which I don't. They're both great songs, equally as good. Made by DAGames.

Number #2 - It's Time to Die

It's Time to Die is my second favorite. Made by DAGames again, this is a great song. Really rockin'. lal

Honourable Mentions

Before we go to number one, here are some honourable mentions.

  • The Puppet Song was a song made by TryHardNinja, a simple song that tells the story of The Puppet reviving the children souls. This isn't that special, a very calm song that I enjoy. It's fine enough, and I enjoy it.
  • It's Been So Long is another song by the Living Tombstone, I enjoy it, made me cry the first few times.
  • Nightmare, dunno why I like this song.
  • Noticed, Foxy Song 2.0.
  • Balloons, a calming song I listen to alot.

​Number #1


Break My Mind is another song made by DAGames, which focuses on the new Five Nights at Freddy's 4.  This is a great song that explains Five Nights at Freddy's 4 outside-of-minigame story, with snipbits of inside minigame. The singing is perfect and the it's catchy. It fits with the theme of the song so much. It grabbed me when I first heard it. Even the visuals on the song is great!

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