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    To everyone who still thinks FNaF2 is a sequel, welcome to this blog post! Below, I will my speculation that it is a sequel and not a prequel.

    1. It does take place in 1987, but Phone Guy never mentions The Bite of '87 because it didn't take place at that FFP. The incident was named The Bite of '87 obviously because it tok place in 1987. Or did it take place in 1887?
    2. Phone Guy indeed did record his messages for Jeremy before Mike, but Mike got his job before Jeremy and it's been forever since someone was a security guard at the FFP in FNaF2.
    3. FFP was said to close by year end in FNaF1 and in FNaF2.........Grand Reopening.
    4. I saw a comment on a YouTube video that said that said that 11-12-1987 on Jeremy's paycheck was his birth date.
    5. Cutscenes take p…
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