So guys, Wither here, and this time i'll (attempt to) make a halt to the Mangle gender wars, and the Bite of 83-87 wars.

First of all, let's start with Mangle, since i recently discovered two answers for this. Mangle is not female... or male.

Scott has said that Mangle is a Yes, two things can be ment with this:

  1. Everybody can choose Mangle's gender for themselves.
  2. Mangle HAS NO gender.

The second seems to be the most likely. Robots are by default not programmed to have any gender at all. So why all argue if the answer is simply in front of us ?

And now, The Bite of '83. Again, the answer to this is clearly in front of us. If there was a Bite of '83, it'd make no sense. Why ? Since the main games have concluded. FNaF World will not be horror, and is mostly to be for 9-16 year olds. Look at all the cuteness. And such a game wouldn't include a terrible incident like that.

As i said, there wouldn't be a Bite of '83 because of these reasons:

  • It makes no sense for a commercial to show the year we 're in. It does to show a copyright year.
  • It makes no sense for Scott to create another incident, not solve the first one and end the series.
  • If there was a Bite of '83, then the series would be unsolved since we don't know the other details of '87 if the Bite of '83 existed.
  • Oh, and by the way, before you say "But in FNaF 2 on Night 5 PG mentions that Fredbears was closed for years !", the bite did not happen in Fredbear's Family Dinner. It happened in Fredbear and Friends. That's what the commercial's message was.

So guys, i hope you'd enjoyed. I attempted to solve two arguments, and hoped they would end forever.