• Your friendly neighborhood Spy

    This Wiki used to be a great place. Left and right, users would be making amazing pages, chatting to each other in the chat, and roleplaying many great roleplays. However, as with all great things, that had to come to an end.

    This Wiki's fall all began for me when South Ferry left. He, like me, was basically always on the chat. We'd talk a lot, and sometimes I'd even stay up WAAAAYYY past when I should have went to sleep just to speak to him (You may have heard of the account User:North Ferry, alas, that was myself trying to fill the South Ferry-shaped hole in my South Ferry shaped heart), to put it short, he was one of the greatest friends I had ever made.

    But with him gone, this place just didn't feel the same, and it still doesn't. While …

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  • Your friendly neighborhood Spy

    Because many pages are deleted due to not meeting standards, I've decided to "Open a service" that plans to restore those deleted pages, making them meet standards too. Why? Well, I started this by remaking Wolfy, which was generally well-recieved, and after a bit of thought, I thought it'd be better for the Wiki as a whole to have less red links. Good enough reasoning?

    • Wolfy the Wolf

    • Springfield -Changes being made include her history, her age, her... status as a living being, and her appearance. I think you can guess where I'm going with this.
    • ??? -While I don't really like the idea of an animatronic that suddenly appeared, I suppose I am guilty of doing this myself with at least one of my characters. The new ??? will not, however, be a com…

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  • Your friendly neighborhood Spy

    Scott just updated his website with two pieces of the FNaF World OST. I have to say, they're both very nice on the ears (Though I imagine the first may get repetitive after a while of hearing it, heh heh)

    Something to note about this is the "Ice Cave Theme". This confirms that we'll be exploring locations outside of Freddy's, which I'm very happy about. The theme also reminds me of Final Fantasy IX's Ice Cavern, which is pretty similar in both concept and kinda sorta music composion.

    Anyway, link for those who are lazy: also works, as does

    Happy FNaFing!

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  • Your friendly neighborhood Spy

    Just been confirmed by Scott. A FNaF RPG where you control any animatronic ya want. Not horror, this is where the cutesy animatronics are coming from. Confirmed that there will be NO FNaF 5.

    Link for proof:

    Sounds promising.

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  • Your friendly neighborhood Spy

    Just like last time, which was a long time ago, who do y'all think is currently my best character? I need to know for research. Personally, I think my remake of Wolfy is actually my best work, though I suppose opinions may differ.

    Engage the poll motherf*cker

    Links to the pages of the characters will be provided at the end, so you can re-read them if you simply cannot choose between my amazing works. Which is quite normal, as work this good is normally never exposed to mortal eyes. /s

    By the way if any of you even click on that second poll I will kill you. Looking at you, !

    Ricky Rooster

    Nigel Smith

    Toy Ricky

    Dillain Dingo

    Katt Cat

    Toy Katt

    Takaya Nobles

    Space Pirate Foxy

    Billy Chucklesworth

    Ron Rabbit

    King Freddy


    The Lynx



    Fredbear 2.0


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