As TheVinnyLord once said

"imma go


Even though, I want to say just a little more than he did. Anyway, this blog is here to tell I'll be gone for a while, mostly because I'll be moving in the next few days, and I won't have wifi, but also because of some anger problems. Yup, turns out I have anger issues, according to my father. I told him "seems legit" and walked off, and here I am typing this message to the "good" people of this wiki.

Anyway, now for what I wanted to say:

I might not be back for quite a while, while I get the lovely wifi in my new house, and as such, I leave my characters in the hands of you, User. You are truly one I can trust, one I care for, perhaps even one of my greatest friends...

That was the username template. Slightly a joke, yet at the same time, also not. I give permission for anyone to use my characters in anything except roleplays, because I just don't like other people roleplaying as things I've created. Who knows, you might give my most friendly OC a fasinaction for the killing of innocents, and that's just no good. Anyway, f*ck your sh!t, inhale my dong, nya ha, ect.

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