Hey guys! My friend and I were bored during math today (What's new there, right?) So we made a random sketch of Freddy, which was surprisingly good. We then drew a Bonnie, which was also surprisingly good. We decided to make a comic series for y'all to enjoy, though you'll have to wait a few days for it so that we can draw out all the characters, giving them "Official artwork", if you will.

Here's the sketches so far, along with the characters personalites. Some characters have slight design changes.


Freddy comic design

Freddy's design in the comic

Freddy looks around the same as his regular counterpart from the games, the only difference being his lack of any endoskeleton showing, which is the same as all the animatronics in this comic series, even Foxy. As evidenced by his pose in the picture, Freddy is quite the flirtatious... person? He loves to laugh around and joke, which can sometimes get him into a bit of bother, though he never seems to care all that much.


WIN 20150127 153910

Bonnie's design for the comic series

Like Freddy, Bonnie's design has barely changed overall. We decided to give them different jaws, to match the emotions they'll be showing a bit better. Bonnie himself is usually quite silent, though he is strong. He usually has a half-smile on his face, which only ever comes off if he's feeling either angry or sad.

Characters coming tomorrow

1. Balloon Boy

2. The Puppet

3. Mangle (Maybe, possibly coming on Thursday if we don't have the time to get her done)

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