Hello. Welcome to the second edition of "Ask me anything!" A blog post series done by Gaomon332. In the last entry, nothing very entertaining happened, and all the questions were generic. Also the blog was ignored by around 75% of the people on this wiki. I made a follow-up so that people could both find this easier, and so that they wouldn't see how horrible the "Old Gao" was.

Now that the brief summary is over, you're free to ask anything you like, however, you must follow these three rules.

1. Use common sense when asking your questions, I'm obviously not going to reveal my home adress online.

2. Don't ask "Gao, when is {INSERT NEW CHARACTER HERE}'s page gonna be made!? The answer will always be that I'll make it when I have time, I'm actually a rather busy fellow.

3. I'll try to respond to as many questions as I can, so if you ask a question, and I don't respond, don't spam "Gao? Gao?! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAO!" Chances are, I'm probably away at the moment and can't get around to answering your question just yet. However, if you do something like the above, I probably will never answer your question. 

And now with everything out of the way... you may ask away.

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