Balloon Boy


Did DF-Fan REALLY commit suicide?

Hello... Gaomon here... Today I'm talking about a subject that hit the wiki hard lately, the suicide of DF-Fan!!!...

Now, we all know that her mother died... then her sister got really ill, her father started drinking heavily, she was bullied and her character, Wolfy, was hated... a lot of reasons for her to want to end her life...

Cityws and I have been looking through the evidence for quite a while and we've questioned a few people about it (Though nothing much came up through the questions)... And we've found a few points that could prove... that DF did not actually commit suicide.

What we've found so far can be found here:

If you see either me or Cityws in the chat, and you want to help us with more evidence, private message one of us and we'll ask you a few questions... are you guys okay with that?

If there's any flaws in our evidence... please tell me, I really hope she's still alive...

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