Hey-ho all, welcome to the blog of my brand new game, Freddy Emblem! I'm planning for the game to have a LOT of characters, hoping for at least one from every user on the wiki. Animatronics only, I'm not sure how human characters could work just yet.

What is Freddy Emblem? Well, it's a turn based strategy RPG similar to the Fire Emblem series. Characters can move a select amount of spaces around the board each turn, and attack enemies when they are close enough. There are many different classes of characters, ranging from mages and dark wizards to pirates and archers.

There is one thing though, if you want to have your characters in this game, you must be open to shipping. The game features an extensive marriage system where two characters can get married and have a child. (So basically this is the perfect game for me xD). So if you aren't open to shipping, get out. Seriously, get out of this blog right now. And it's not regular shipping, either. When a unit spends time with another unit (Eg teaming up on an enemy) they gain support points. When they have enough support points, they start to become friends until it's obvious they have feelings for each other. This means that any character can be with any other character, which will produce a unique child character (Eg. Toy Ricky and Toy Katt together would make Toy Marshall, while Toy Ricky and Katt together would make Marshall). So, if this interests you, leave a comment down below and I'll use all your characters unless specifically stated that I can only use some. Enjoy! 

There is no limit to the amount of characters in the game, but as soon as I create the page, that's the amount of characters we'll have and it won't change, though you can still suggest your character as an NPC or a boss character, should I create the page before you get the chance to enter.

Characters we have so far

  • Custom character (Created at the beginning by the player, can be male or female)

Dawn of the Dead DLC

  • Wolfy (Use permission granted by TheVinnyLord)

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