Now for stage two of the Freddy emblem sign up list, we have to choose the classes of the characters and what they promote to. Leave what you want your characters to be in the comments below.

Character selects are now closed! Thank you for joining!

Current characters (Classes are listed next to them)

  • Custom character (Tactitian, becomes any class)
  • Fazzy Fredbear (Mage, becomes Wizard or Dark Mage)
  • Ricky Rooster (Knight, becomes Great Knight or Paladin)
  • Dillain Dingo (Adventurer, becomes Pirate or Gunman)
  • Katt Cat (Singer, becomes Dancer or All-star)
  • Toy Katt (Healer, becomes Scientist or Cleric)
  • Toy Ricky (Paladin, becomes Great Paladin)
  • Billy Chucklesworth (Jester, becomes Clown or Drummer)
  • Ron Rabbit (Theif, becomes Warrior or Hero)
  • Darcy Dog (Singer, becomes Dancer or All-star)
  • Bungale the Cat (Fighter, becomes Warrior or Master)
  • Sapella (Healer, becomes Cleric or Priestess)
  • Hydro (Water Warrior, becomes Water Knight or Water Master)
  • Jesster (Jester, becomes Supreme Jester or Clown)
  • Guaco and Tyle (Duo, becomes Dynamic Duo or Dodo Knight)
  • Pluff (Bowler, becomes Striker or Sparer)
  • Toy Sapella (Healer, becomes Priestess or War Cleric)
  • Cyanei (Paladin, becomes Great Paladin)
  • Medice (Hoarder, becomes Summoner)
  • Boni (Mage, becomes Wind Wizard or Wind Mage)
  • Meredith (Frying Panner, becomes Ultra Frying Panner)
  • Sodapop The Bartender (Bartender, becomes Liquor Elemental or Soda Elemental)
  • Fozie Fazbear (Fighter, becomes Warrior or Master)
  • Mad Jack (Theif, becomes Mage or Super Theif)
  • The Chef (Chef, becomes Grand Chef or War Chef)
  • Toy Lindsay (Archer, becomes Sniper or Super Archer)
  • Mittens the Pirate Captain (Pirate, becomes Captain or Siren)
  • Pure (Dark Wizard, becomes Dark King or Necromancer)
  • Holly the Fox (Singer, becomes Dancer or All-star)
  • Stella the Coyote (Pegasus Rider, becomes Wyvern Rider or Griffyn Rider)
  • Serena the Owl (Archer, becomes Sniper or Healing Archer)
  • Rudy the Fox (Great Knight, becomes Kingdom Keeper or Ultimate Knight)
  • Lyra the Phoenix (Flying Archer, becomes Flying Sniper)
  • Kyra the Koala (Beast Tamer, becomes Beast Lover or Monster Rider)
  • Toy Spam (Mask Collecter, becomes Mask Hoarder or Mask Hunter)
  • Imdec: (Box, becomes Walking Box)
  • Larry the Lizard (Miner, becomes Excavator or Rock Miner)
  • Cluckie (Deployer, becomes Super Deployer)
  • Aaron the Armadillo (Adventurer, becomes Swordsman)
  • Toy Soda (Bartender, becomes Liquor Elemental or Soda Elemental)
  • Merle Chanter (Archer, becomes Sniper or Super Archer)
  • Tinsay (Blacksmith, becomes Enchanter or Alchemist)
  • Hannah (Wolf, becomes Luna Wolf or Night Wolf)
  • Nowi (Manakete, does not promote)
  • Konton The Cat (Tactitian, becomes Grandmaster)

Dawn of the Dead DLC

  • Wolfy (Undying, becomes Grim Reaper or Shinigami)
  • Tin The Butler (Blacksmith, becomes Enchanter or Alchemist)
  • Zach Nova (Archer, becomes Sniper or Bow Knight)
  • King Freddy (Ruler, becomes Great Ruler or Grand Ruler)
  • Phobe (Ruler, becomes Grand Ruler or Great Ruler)
  • The Puppet Queen (Ruler, becomes Grand Ruler or Great Ruler)

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