Because many pages are deleted due to not meeting standards, I've decided to "Open a service" that plans to restore those deleted pages, making them meet standards too. Why? Well, I started this by remaking Wolfy, which was generally well-recieved, and after a bit of thought, I thought it'd be better for the Wiki as a whole to have less red links. Good enough reasoning?

Pages I Have Finished

Pages I Plan to Remake

  • Springfield -Changes being made include her history, her age, her... status as a living being, and her appearance. I think you can guess where I'm going with this.
  • ??? -While I don't really like the idea of an animatronic that suddenly appeared, I suppose I am guilty of doing this myself with at least one of my characters. The new ??? will not, however, be a combination of multiple animatronics, as I feel that idea is best left to something a bit more clear. The new and improved ??? will be as mysterious as possible. For nostalgia's sake, I do plan to keep at least some of her design (Yes, her remake will be a female).

What Else?

Perhaps you've made a page, it was very good to you, but sadly, it was soon gone. With this program, I plan to make the pages return, for everyone's sake. Because of that, I'm open to suggestions. But keep in mind:

  • I'm doing these in my free time, they won't be at the top of my schedule.
  • If your page was extremely, ultimately awful (As in, worse than pages of last year's November), I may decline remaking it. You can't fix that which was ultimately broken so much not even Death could recognize it as he was about to take it into the afterlife, now can you?

Jokes aside, keep those points in mind, and I'll probably agree to remaking it.

Have fun and let the requests flow in :)

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