This is a map of all the kingdoms because no one bothered to make it I think I dunno I was away for a while twice don't blame me if something happened. Also this art is horrible.

Kingdoms Map

Now, this sure looks confusing, don't it?

Here's the code:

Gray = The Empire of Steel

Red = Cutting Crew

Purple = Freezer's Kingdom (ATK)

Yellow/Golden = Robot Kingdom

Blue = Mask Kingdom

Orange = Animatronic Kingdom

The little things you see next to the EoS are mountains, I'm a terrible drawer, y'know?

Land in between is either shared land used for trading, or free land. Eh, I guess they're the same. Anyway, most of the kingdoms want to expand their territory (With the exception of at least the Animatrading Kingdom, who'd rather to sit back and watch), so that means to get the territory, you're either gonna have to buy it, fight for it, or win it. (I guess those last two could be the same, but y'know, gambling, having battles in arenas, that sort of thing)

Also, there's a lot more land than this, this isn't the entire friggin earth. The EoS owns a little more to the North and East, (Quite a lot, actually. The others are just... there).

Please note that Kingdoms are not to scale because that would be stupid I mean I couldn't even fit in the biggest one that'd be stupid. Also some kingdoms may be slightly bigger or smaller, I just got a little lazy. Alright? Gud. Enjoy.

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