So, I decided to make a list of rules that are mandatory for when you roleplay (If an admin wants to add these to the rules page, that's fine by me). Note that these are not all of them, some roleplays may have other rules that are specific to that roleplay, they should be in the first post if so.

The rules

1.  When roleplaying as a character, ALWAYS maintain that character's personality. Example:

Do: Fazzy: Hey guys! Mind if I join in?

Don't: Fazzy: *Pulls out a knife and stealthily walks inside the guard's office* I... will... kill... you...

See? Fazzy's personality does not match the bottom one at all, he is carefree and doesn't try to kill the guard that often anyway.

2. Try and keep up with events, even if your character was called on 20 posts earlier, example:

Random_User: Character: Hey, mister man! Come here!

  • 20 posts later*

You: Mister man: Yeah? What's up?

Doing that can make the roleplay have a lot of ooc talk, which isn't very good to have in the first place.

3. Don't do any crossovers without anyone else's permission. I learned this one the hard way.

4. Do NOT godmod. If you don't know what that means, it means being overpowered and not giving your fellow roleplayer any time to react. Example:

Do: Toy Ricky jumped up from his spot and launched a kick at Chef

Don't: Toy Ricky jumped up from his spot and launched himself at Chef, killing him instantly.

5. Never use other people's characters without permission. EVER.

6. Don't kill characters that seem important to the roleplay's plot. For example, I never let anyone kill Takaya when I use him, because I rarely ever do. And when I do use him, it's for story purposes.

7. Try and have at least a little grammar, a few words can make a whole difference.

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