Nya ha! I'm going on a journey, of sorts! I'm moving to another country for the 4th time in my life! How depressing it will be, to leave all my friends from Canada behind... Nya ha! Depressing for them, yes! But I'm always open to new adventures! Nya ha!

I won't be here for a while, though! I gotta get my computer configured for the internet of the Scots! A simple Canadian PC cannot hope to compete with the amazing internet that Scotland gets, I can tell you that much! Nya ha!

I'll be leaving at 7:20PM tomorrow in EST, and will be arriving there at 6am Scotland time... I think, I haven't bothered to convert the timezones all that much! Nya ha!

So this blog was to say I won't be on for a while, nya ha! BUT WAIT... THAT MEANS I WON'T BE ABLE TO GET THE 100 DAYS IN A ROW BADGE! HOT DAMN!

Nya ha! One would think that, unless I was able to cheat the system... Which I totally am not able to, by the way. I would not cheat the system. How does one cheat the system? Don't ask me any more questions. Nya ha!

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