Now, I've not been on this wiki for a very long time, but I think we should have some standards in place so articles don't look like this:

mr ultra killer of dume

he is yellow bear and he is powerful ank kills u in 1 hit. thanks for reading

Now, was that good? Nope, standards help many wikis look more civilized and someone may be turned away from this wiki if that's the first page they see. The standards could turn something like the above to something like this:

Dillain Dingo He is an Australian Dingo with a passion for adventure, he wears a sun hat that covers his head and has a light brown jacket.

Did that sound better? I certainly hope so, standards can improve wikis so much, for a real example, check out my page onFazzy Fredbear. Do you see all of the headings on the page? (I think its one of the longest on the wiki) Most of the pages on the wiki have barely any headings, while other fanon wikis that Ive been on have standards, while on this you can post pretty much whatever you want...

Thanks for listening to my rant. :D