This Wiki used to be a great place. Left and right, users would be making amazing pages, chatting to each other in the chat, and roleplaying many great roleplays. However, as with all great things, that had to come to an end.

This Wiki's fall all began for me when South Ferry left. He, like me, was basically always on the chat. We'd talk a lot, and sometimes I'd even stay up WAAAAYYY past when I should have went to sleep just to speak to him (You may have heard of the account User:North Ferry, alas, that was myself trying to fill the South Ferry-shaped hole in my South Ferry shaped heart), to put it short, he was one of the greatest friends I had ever made.

But with him gone, this place just didn't feel the same, and it still doesn't. While we still have the odd good page or roleplay slipping through once every so often, now all we have is crappy characters, crappy games, crappy "fanfictions", and that's just some of the things I've seen. I've been away for a few short days, my brother had beat me in a little contest we had, and the terms were that he would get the computer if he won. Anyway, during my absense, I noticed that no one... really cared.

Because of that, I believe there's no more need for me to be here. It's just boring, and with the crappy pages being here, it honestly sickens me that they get critique like "Wow, this is great! Keep it up!" When it really isn't. Previously, we gave honest reviews on characters and pages, and those reviews, while perhaps a little harsh at times, actually helped the writer improve (You can see this through the evolution of my pages, starting from Fazzy Fredbear {Who I've brought back for old time's sake}, and ending with my best piece of work, Wolfy the Wolf).

Remember, this isn't a troll like last time. I'm not going to turn to 333, Tiger, North or even my alter-ego The Princess herself.

The end of an era has come. The end of Gaomon. Goodbye, Wiki. I'll miss you.

Links to things you can contact me on, should you need me for anything:







I might answer some questions if you have any in the comments, but other than that, it's over.

If you still want to contact me over Wikia, my brother's message wall is the place to go. Once again, it's been great. See ya.

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