Almost got them all, just a few more to go! :D

Fazzy's theme:

Ricky's theme:

Toy Ricky's theme:

Katt's theme: (Thank you, City .-.)

Dillain's theme:

Toy Katt's theme A (Regular theme song):

Toy Katt's theme B (If she's in a battle of wits):

Darcy's theme:

Nigel's theme:

Takaya's theme A:

Takaya's theme B:

Billy's theme:

Ron's theme:

Ron's theme (200 years later): (Represents his Rougue lifestyle, him becoming free of Toy Ricky's grasp and becoming a lone warrior)

King Freddy's theme:

Nowi's theme:

Robot Kingdom theme:

Gaomon332 does not own any of the songs above, all rights go to their respective owners.

Please don't sue me D:

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