I helped the roleplay have a season 4! Go me!

Ron's and Toy Katt's Story

Ron: This world was devistated before I was born... A harsh, bleak place, where we live in eternal darkness... Life is a struggle and people live without hope... How did this happen? No one will answer me directly...

Ron: But they always point, to the flames... the flames of disaster, known as Konton

Toy Katt: Ron! He's appeared again!

Ron: *Runs off in search of Konton*

Toy Katt: *Follows close behind*

(This is a rebuilt Ron, with most of the same memories. Though he can't remember things that happened before the circus incident)

Toy Ricky's Story

Toy Ricky: As the new leader of this continent, I say that we shall execute User for disobeying the animatronic order! Mwahahahahaha!

Crowd: Yes! KILL User!!!

Toy Ricky: Goodbye, User... you were a pleasant rival!

Dillain's Story

Dillain: It started when something happened, Mittens was suddenly elected prime minister. She was pretty darn happy about that. But now it seems that she's "Too good for me"... Hmph, whatever. I can think of a million sheilas better than her! Like that Katt lady, for instance!

(Now, this can't be right... Dillain would usually be depressed if he ever lost Mittens... And he isn't using as much Australian slang as usual... what's happening here?)

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