Nya ha! Look, another blog from me! But this one is completely unrelated to my last one... somewhat...

I needs the help to decide whom the mother of The Hybrid should be! FYI, The Hybrid is the son of The Lynx, and will one day become a great hero in the Robot Kingdom! Nya ha!

But the thing is, I'm in a little pickle of sorts! I don't have any animatronics that could possibly be the mother of The Hybrid! Katt and Toy Katt are both felines, so Hybrid would lose his "Hybrid" status, Darcy is too darn annoying for anyone to be shipped with her, Selena prefers jewels over humans, Dolly is shipped with Qeety, Nowi... never, no one will take my precious away from me. Bianca's obsession with Ricky is far too great for her to be paired with anyone else, and finally, Sophia is sleeping 99% of the time, so I doubt she could ever have a child.

And now, my fellow ladies and gents, this is why I am calling on you! I need some character to be the mother of The Hybrid! And not only that, the lucky lady who gets the title as mother also gets to be shipped with The Lynx, the most Spanish animatronic to ever exist! Nya ha! Of course, there are a few rules in place to be The Hybrid's mother, but if one of your animatronics fits the role, feel free to "apply" to be Hybrid's mother! Nya ha! 


  • The character can't be a feline animatronic, because then The Hybrid wouldn't be a Hybrid, would he?
  • The character must be at least neutral, due to Hybrid being a great hero, he has to have at least one good parent, right? Nya ha!
  • The character has to be a female... Otherwise The Hybrid would have never been born in the first place! Nya ha!

Alright, now that that's done, leave any candidates in the comments! The Lynx and I shall select a good character when we return from our holiday, isn't that right, Lynxy?

The Lynx: ...

Great! He sounds so enthusiastic! Now, get cracking and leave possible candidates below! Nya ha!

The Lynx: You said you were going to pay me to kill Freezer, where is he?

Quiet, you! I hired you, so the least you could do is not talk when I tell you not to! Erm.... Did that make sense? Nya ha!

The Lynx: ...Very well, señor...

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