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Vandal is an animatronic From the game, Five Night's At Fredbear's Remains.


Vandal seems to be a dog like characer. He has visible endoskeleton teeth, and small endoskeleton eyes. He has no teeth, and has some wires hanging out of his head. Like W.Golden Freddy, he is missing his right ear. Vandal also seems to have a large hole all over his body. His arms have some rips on them, too. He has visible endoskeleton legs, similar to Foxy. He also has a thin, narrow tail.

Early life

Vandal was an early animatronic found in an old abandoned Freddy Fazbears pizza restaurant, along with FRED. He was moved to the new pizzeria, "Freddy's Treat" in the parts and storage room to be rebuilt. However, he started to malfunction at times, so they had to dismantle his most glitched up parts a bit, which included ripping a hole on it's stomach, lowering his eyes, and others. 

He started to damage some of the other animatronics during night, which explains the toy animatronic's minor damages. In the end of the Night 4 minigame in Five Night's at Fredbear's Remains, the toy animatronics go active at night and find Vandal backstage. Vandal secretly watches them while they aren't looking, before finally attacking them.

More Contant Coming Soon...


Vandal is one of the most agressive animatronics in the game, to the point where he can attack other animatronics. However, he is much more calmer when exposed to light.



  • It's unknown what Vandal's Name was before getting scrapped, but it was most likely "Sullvan" because it's what the file's name calls him. However, This has yet to be confirmed.
  • He is the second fan character Agent made. The first was FRED
  • He appears to be based of a rat, but it's unknown if this is true.

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