Violet is a mini-me proxy created for Rose Evargarde by System X. She is a miniature version of her host, with black dots for eyes, a rose t-shirt, black pants, and thin brown hair.


She was created per request from her to System X. Like all mini-me's, she was made by splitting a tiny part of her host's soul and making it into a new body. She lives inside the pizzeria with Rose, generally just following her.


Violet is a goof. She will often make childish jokes, or sometimes end up in funny positions making others laugh. Violet has a small vocabulary, so when she doesn't know what to say, or if she is in shock, she will try to communicate through gibberish, noises, and gestures. Violet's main flaw is how naive she is. She will trust pretty much anyone, unless Rose, or someone else, tells her not to.



Most people. Think of Violet as cute and funny, do to her clumsiness, and her jokes mostly made by small children.

Rose Evargarde

Being Violet's host, Rose treats Violet as if she were her child. When Rose and Violet are seperated by accidental or other means, not including willingly, Rose will desperately try to find Violet, even if she could die.


Cuco and Violet are best friends. Both have a nature of being cute and goofy. Violet even refers to Cuco as sister.


  • Her name comes from the infamous poem type Roses are red, violets are blue... (Rose is her host, after all.)
  • Her name is also inspired by the fact that violets grow up to 5 inches tall, and even specially bred miniature roses grow at a minimum of 8 inches.