(His nickname is the Shadow)


Void, by Sunfish


More bad lighting, Void by meh


He is an animatronic Serpent, EXEPT he has no exoskeleton. Every part of him is void black, except for his eyes, which are a dark grey, and sometimes small glowing red pupils will appear in them. He has wings, but no limbs, and is kinda long. Sometimes what looks like black tentacles can rip and contact in and out of his suit, yet somehow the rips never show.


He is quite cruel and mindless, and was a spare suit in the back, but somehow kept on mysteriously appearing in the back of Draco's Cave every morning. They gave up and left him there, exept they hid him behind a locked door at the back of the cave. He enjoys controlling others and making them feel helpless, like how he felt before he got stuffed into this suit.

Unique Abilities

Can enter the office even when the doors are shut, when in office he makes hallucinations appear, and a very rare one of Draco standing up on his hind legs, his mouth open and head tilted to the side with black ooze coming out of his mouth and eyes, and some blackness swallowing his orange eyes, and Void has red eyes and is wrapped around Draco. Also when in the office, he makes sort of a gurgling-growling noise, and appears to make nearby animatronics more aggressive. He will only leave when you put up the monitor. He is summoned when very uncommonly when you look at Draco's Cave, you will see red eyes. As soon as you lower the monitor, he will appear in your office. Rarely, he will take out all the cameras or uncommonly take over a single animatronic.


He very rarely attacks you, but when he does, his Jumpscare is him flying towards you with his mouth open and then he bites you.

Starting Location/Path

Draco's Cave, (summoned), office, (very rarely attacks you)


He was a boy, beloved age 9, but really unknown, and his name was Sam. He was killed a long time ago, and has things about the past that he saw. When he takes over a animatronic, he makes them see that old memory, driving them mad. He was never really a good kid, he was always mischievous and did wrong things, which lead to his disappearance.


(Mostly the animatronics he takes over the most)

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