Voler is an Animatronic that only appears in the player's hallucinations and dreams.
Fly crow


Voler resembles a black crow but has his/her wings and tail filled with white stripes. He/She has black eyes and yellow eyeballs, he has grey feet and beak. His/Her wings make him/her look like he's/she's larger than other animatronics.


  • His/Her name describes him/her that he/she appears to catch flies to get rid of them from infecting food.
  • He/She was created because his/her creator dreamed of a giant bird that resembles Voler last night. Which appears to be standing on the fridge searching for flies.
    • This is also the reason why he/she also appears in the player's dreams rather than hallucinations.
  • In RPs, Voler is referred as a male.
  • He/She also likes to nickname characters he's/she's interacting to:
    • Mr. Handy: Sir, Sir Handy-A-Lot
    • Spam: Mr. Mask Collector
  • "Voler" means "Fly" in French.
    • His/Her name is originally Fly but changed because it didn't fit.


Mr. Handy

It's unknown. But in RPs, they're possibly enemies. Fly calls him "Sir" rather than Mr. Handy and then calls him a freak because of his/her hatred over freaks.


Acts like a familiar to him.