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Nightmare bonnie

It could be there...

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"Just uh, don't let the stupid british black endoskeleton get near you, and you should uhh... be okay." - Phone Guy, Night 3 FNaF2.

Backstory Edit

Not much is known, but its known he has a grudge against springlock animatronics for some reason, and he has some sort of relation to Golden Freddy or Mistan.

Appearance Edit

Basically the bare endoskeleton from FNAF2, but black, rusty, and missing a few parts and joints, he also seems to be thinner by a little bit, and apparently his ears aren't fit for any sort of animatronic, they look like a mix of fox ears and bear ears, which is a little odd, he also has feet like Springtrap, but smaller and not with the flesh of course, he also has a whip that he can use, and it seems his eyes are like Toy Freddy's eyes when he is in the office.

Personality Edit

He's a bit stupid, stubborn, and is british, what more could you ask for? He is basically like wheatley, I don't even know what to put here.

Behavior In Games Edit

FNaF2 Edit

In this game, he activates on night 3, but is only active for that night, he seems to be not too active, but you need to react very fast when he comes into the office, and he usually goes for the most expected areas actually, and stays there longer than kind've any other animatronic.

Trivia Edit

  • He was obviously based off wheatley.
  • This page was made only because DBB forced meh to.
  • I don't know what to put here.

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