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Will You Marry Me PART 2

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Nightmare bonnie

It could be there...

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(foxy cries)

Snowstruck: Foxy are you hiding something from me? Foxy: well yes. Snowstruck: you can tell me anything! Foxy: Will...You...Marry........ Me?? (sweats) Snowstruck: YES I WOULD MARRY YOU!!!!! Foxy: Wait what? Snowstuck: Im gonna get ready for 3 days! Mangle: Im proud of you foxy! Foxy: Yeah i gusse. The wedding is in three days we need to get ready! Mangle: Ok i will make cake and you get stuff ready! Foxy: ok (scene cuts to kitchen with Chica and Mangle) Chica: That cake looks good (mangle puts snowstruck statue on cake) Chica: IM OUTTA HERE!! (runs away) Mangle: Ok????? (scene cuts in candy land where foxy is putting up chairs) Skittles: And what is this for again? Foxy: For me and snowstruck's wedding! Skittles: OK! (scene cuts to Perfect Wedding Store) Snowstruck: This one please (takes out $100:00) Cash guy: OK! (scene cuts in pirate cove) Foxy: Wedding is tomarrow! This will be epic! !!!TO BE CONTENUIED!!!

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