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"Fredbear says: To the Halloween Update Backstage you go."
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Wireframe is a mess of yellow, pink, green, purple, and red wires combined to make the image of a female humanoid. A general in the Cutting Crew, she wears an orange sash of wires, and has makeshift "clothes" once again made from electircial wires.


Originally a Chica animatronic, Wires was scrapped mid-making, and thus, she was torn apart. However, the wires included her persona and motherboard, so she formed using spare wires in a box. She then gained sentience and decided to fight for the CC Militia under Endoseven. Quickly gaining a taste for fighting, Wires eventually became a General, and formed her own military branch, The Deterioation Front.


Wires is actually a common hallucination; she can kill if stared at for too long, though. To avoid her, simply dont check a camera she is in for a while, and she will disappear for the night. Her Jumpscare is her own body of wires opening up and shoving you inside.


Wires is very passionate, and cares very much about her soldiers and work. She can be offensive, rowdy, and mean sometimes, but this is just her trying to make friends with people. Plus, the CC Militia loves her attidute and spunk, and love fighting under her.

Special Relations:

Spanish Marcher: The two get along really well; often they fight each other, make fun of other Militia groups, etc. A small crush lies between the two.

Firefly: She respects him for trying to help scrapped animatronics. The two occasionally work together to save a certain animatronic.


-Wires originally was bald, but Lindsay gave her red wires for hair.

-Wires was originally a steampunk inventor, but the creator thought about this idea, and really liked it.

-Yellow Guy threw her into the pile of wires who made her who she is. She has yellow wires tying together the arms and legs to her torso.

-She has a heavy British accent for some reason. Some speculate she gave this to herself.


"We are serve under a chef, so lets slice these suckers into bits of stew!"

"You all need to train, you weak little scrubs!"

"Men, win this, and we become champions! Kill anything moving, nothing less, except your teammates....and bunnies."

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